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Air Transport Security Technician

In accordance with Article 171 of the Air Transport Law, Air Transport Security Technician falls into the category of non-flight personnel in charge of airport security and monitoring and thus directly affecting air transport safety.

Qualification title:
Air Transport Security Technician

Level of qualification:

Objective of qualification:
Prevention of any illegal actions that disturb  the regular traffic flow at the airport

Duties – professional competences:

  • Monitoring airport systems and taking actions in emergency
  • Aircraft restrictive zone control
  • Passengers and hand luggage control
  • Goods and mail control

 Qualification foundation: 

Qualification is based on description of work, aims and outcomes of vocational education. Rights, obligations and duties of Air Transport Security Technician are defined in ICAO ANNEX 17, restricted documents such as ICAO doc. 8973 and in National Aviation Security Act.

Upon successful completion of education and fulfilment of conditions required by Aviation Academy Regulations on the conditions for obtaining licence” student shall hold the following licenses. 

  •  Airport security personnel
  • Passengers and cargo handling control;
  • Airport equipment coordinator;
  • Airport host or hostess;

The curriculum of this profile is in compliance with PART – 147 and PART – 66 EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency).


First year

Second year

Third year

Fourth year

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