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Air Transport Technician

In accordance with Article 171 of the Air Transport Law, Air Transport Technician falls into the category of non-flight personnel providing flight services, ground services and thus directly affecting air transport safety.  

Qualification title:
Air Transport Technician

Level of qualification:

Objective of qualification:
Commercial and technical flight preparation, aircraft ground handling, passengers and cargo handling.

Duties – professional competences:

  • Air transport dispatching
  • Ground handling, passenger and cargo control
  • Aircraft load control
  • Airport passengers handling


Qualification foundation: Qualification is based on description of work, aims and outcomes of vocational education. Rights, obligations and duties of Air Transport Technicians are defined in ICAO ANNEX 14 and ICAO doc.9476 (AN/927).

Upon successful completion of education and fulfilment of conditions required by Aviation Academy Regulations on the conditions for obtaining licence” student shall hold the following licences:

  • Traffic coordinator
  • Traffic dispatcher
  • Ramp dispatcher
  • Handling supervisor of air-traffic, passengers and baggage

The curriculum of this profile is in compliance with PART – 147 and PART – 66 EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency).


First year

Second year

Third year

Fourth year

Upon the completion of vocational education Air Transport Technician may be employed at different airline companies in the country or abroad. The curriculum of this profile provides excellent base for continual vocational training and acquiring licence of category B as well as PPL (Private Pilot Licence) and ATPL (Airline Transport Pilot Licence). It also enables graduates to continue their education at technical faculties, in particular, the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and the Faculty of Transport and Traffic Engineering.

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