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5 reasons why you should enroll in the Aviation Academy

  • If you want excellent education
  • If you want a diploma that is requested around the world and a well-paid job
  • If you want to enter the best technical faculties
  • If you want to be respected, and you can respect others – teachers and students
  • If you want to be proud of your school

Let’s introduce ourselves

The Aviation Academy is a secondary school within the system of Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development, and it is the only school of this kind in Serbia and the whole region.

We are educating generations of aviation personnel for 90 years.

Classes are held according to curricula in conformity with national and international standards of education of aviation personnel required by EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) and Directorate of Civil Aviation of the Republic of Serbia. This means that our diplomas are recognized not only in Serbia and the region, but throughout Europe and the world.

Facilities and equipment used in the process of education meet very high standards.

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What kind of professionals do we create?

Aviation industry is expanding all over the world. This means that the need for educated aviation professional staff is also increasing, for people who will fulfil the needs of growing efficiency and cost-effectiveness, continuous monitoring and meeting the demands of passengers, while improving the high level of safety.

We are educating all these professionals in the Aviation Academy.

Increasing demand for aviation occupations made them deficient. Growing demand for Aircraft maintenance technicians of different specialities and commercial pilots also means that their earnings are several times higher than the average. By choosing the Aviation Academy you choose a safe way towards successful professional career with good income.

Students of the Aviation Academy can choose between General and Military programme, and after graduation they will get not only a diploma but a Certificate of Work Readiness as well. Both programmes guarantee the highest level of education, and very high possibilities of entering all technical faculties.

Only selected few can rise to challenges and duties of professional soldiers and non-commissioned officers. By choosing Military programme of the Aviation Academy you chose the path of honour, courage and responsibility, the career of a professional soldier.

Our programmes have quality assurance.

The Aviation Academy has accreditations and it is the approved by:

  • EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency)
  • The Civil Aviation Directorate of the Republic of Serbia
  • Civil Aviation Agency Montenegro
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina Directorate of Civil Aviation

The education you want

In the Aviation Academy students will learn a lot, but also have fun and make friends for life. The Aviation Academy students socialize in various extracurricular activities, excursions, clubs, sporting events, competitions, concerts, plays, trips and other happenings.

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Teaching in the Aviation Academy is:

  • Interactive
  • Creative
  • Interesting
  • The knowledge students get is practical and useful
  • Students are active participants in the process of learning
  • Goal is to understand things that are learned, to apply knowledge, not only pass the test or get a good mark
  • Each student’s progress and behaviour is being monitored

Cooperation with the best international and domestic companies (Etihad Airways, Air Serbia, Nikola Tesla Airport, Jat Tehnika, A.D.) and Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Serbia, gives our students the opportunity to get practical knowledge necessary for obtaining licenses in real working conditions of the profession they are being educated for.

Parents are important part of our team:

  • active participants in child’s education
  • school partners
  • informed about all aspects of work and school life of their child
  • constantly in touch with teachers, psychologists, educators and school management
  • joint decision-making on the education of the child

Aviation Academy – the place where dreams about flying come true.