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First Aid Club

Every year, the First Aid Club gathers students who share the same interest in First Aid.  In addition to various topics that we cover both theoretically and practically, these students continually, over the entire academic year, devote special attention and efforts to realistic simulation of casualties.  Casualty simulation takes the concept of an objective, creative and controlled ‘acting’, i.e. it is the imitation of the looks, behaviour or reactions of someone who has been injured, or a witness to the accident, or a participant in the accident.

Special emphasis is placed on acting and simulating the injuries that are included in the tasks covered within the practical segment of the school-leaving exam for the course Air Transport Search and Rescue Technician. Members of the First Aid Club are constituent elements of this school-leaving exam. The members of our Club often volunteer in different activities organized by the Red Cross, so we maintain a successful cooperation with that organization, too.

In addition to the Red Cross activities, we also take part in the projects organized by Vinča Institute of Nuclear Sciences, in particular through its science workshops named ‘Vincine naucionice’.

The members of the First Aid Club have the opportunity to participate in the programme creation and contents selection, so our students can add topics and activities pertinent to First Aid according to their interests.