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Literary and Journalism Club


What has not been written does not exist; death has carried it away. (Mesa Selimovic)

Gathered around a shared idea, and equally aware of the significance of the written word, we have directed our work towards two areas. On the one hand, we are striving to perfect our own culture of expressing ourselves in the written form and, (while engaged in extracurricular substance) to feel the favour brought about by relevant use of the written word in our everyday life and different areas of interests. On the other hand, we wish to rescue all the enjoyable moments that permeate our school life from transience and save them for both our own future and the future of some new generations yet to come. It is the wish from which the ’Vazduhoplovac’, as central outcome of the Literary and Journalism Club, originated.

The’ Vazduhoplovac’, as its name suggests, follows the interests of our students and teachers. The main subject matter of its research is any of the different segments in the area of aviation pertinent to the school work. It also keeps records of important events during the academic year, establishes contact with our associates and former students, and offers various articles of educational and entertaining character. In choosing the contents for each issue we are guided by the idea that articles should not be found interesting only by our present students, but by our past and future ones as well. We are trying to ensure that every issue of the ‘Vazduhoplovac’ conveys certain universal meaning, and forms bonds between all of us who are fond of aviation.

Although for our school’s vocational orientation an in-depth study of language and literature is not a priority, the interest in these fields is substantial and we manage to achieve very good results, both during our regular classes and when we participate in or win different literary competitions.

The work of our Club includes some other group activities, such as attending cultural events and visiting institutions of culture, but also having good time together.

Wishing that this story will go further on and storytelling will have no end (Ivo Andric), the Literary and Journalism Club keeps staying open for all new members and fresh ideas.