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Part time students

Acquiring the Part-time student Status

The status of the part-time student is obtained by the annual enrolment to the school, in compliance with the conditions defined by the Law. In accordance with the Law, a part-time student is entitled to enrol into the appropriate class no later than the 31st of August, unless the request for the procedure for the student’s rights protection was initiated and in such case, the enrolling of the student is carried after the completion of the procedure. Exceptionally, a regular student of secondary education who has not passed certain remediation can complete the grade started at the same school during next school year, as a part-time student, the retaking of the failed exam is enabled, and the student is obligated to cover the actual costs determined by the school.


Parallel Schooling and the Student’s Status

A regular student can attend the curriculum or part of the school curriculum of another profile parallel as a part-time student, while being obliged to cover all costs.


Additional Exams

A person enrolling school for the purpose of requalification has to take the exams in vocational subjects defined by the commission consisting of the members of the teachers’ council and appointed by the school principal. A person enrolling the school for additional qualification shall take additional exams in subjects that do not have the similar contents, exams in subjects that were not identified by school syllabus and curriculum and the final grade examinations. The decision about examination is made by the commission consisting of the members of the teachers’ council appointed by the school principal.


Tuition fees

The Ministry, in accordance with the type of education, establishes the tuition fee. However, some part-time students i.e. people older than 17 can be freed of paying tuition fees, in order to gain full equality in education acquiring.