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Pedagogical-Psychological Service

Pedagogical – psychological service performs:

  • Planning and programming of educational – teaching work;
  • Monitoring and evaluation of educational – teaching work;
  • Consultative work with teachers;
  • Consultative work with students;
  • Consultative work with parents or guardians;
  • Cooperation with the school principal and other professional associates;
  • Participation in the work of school professional bodies and teams;
  • Cooperation with relevant institutions, organizations, associations, local government, etc.;
  • Record keeping, preparation for work and professional development.

From all the above-mentioned areas, the prior attention is on the work with students, teachers, and parents.

The principal aim of pedagogical-psychological service is students counselling. The most common form is individual counselling due to numerous problems that students face during adolescence, such as bad general achievement or overcoming learning difficulties, enhanced educational work, help with professional orientation, providing support to the Students’ Parliament work, etc.

Teachers are aided with the feedback about their lessons’ attendance; the advisory guidelines are given within the individual work with students. We point out a different didactic – methodical approach within the implementation of the curriculum, and we provide support to teachers in their work with students in extracurricular activities. We give instructions about record keeping of pedagogical documentation, and provide insight into further professional development, etc.

The service cooperates with parents by providing additional support and information in their children raising. It helps parents in finding everything about the adolescence and gives them proposals for solving upcoming difficulties. Parents could address professional services and get expert opinion or they can be proposed certain professional literature etc.

Pedagogical – psychological service performs apart from everyday activities a variety of others, such as regular record keeping and updating of the different school – pedagogical documentation, professional development, numerous school teams management. It provides support to the mentors and apprentices, and takes part in the Parents’ Council as well as it participates in school professional bodies. The service aids school promotion, it cooperates with military and civil institutions, various surveys and statistics data organization, implementation and evaluation, etc.

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