Department for Educational-Psychological Services performs tasks related to:

  • planning and configuring educational work;
  • monitoring and evaluating educational work;
  • advisory work with teachers;
  • advisory work with students;
  • advisory work with parents that is caregivers;
  • cooperation with Director and other expert associates;
  • work in expert bodies of the School and School teams;
  • cooperation with competent institutions, organisations, associations, local government unit, etc.;
  • maintaining records, preparation for work and professional development.
  • Work with students, teachers and parents has a priority among all the above mentioned tasks.

На првом месту приоритета рада педагошко-психолошке службе је саветодавни рад са ученицима. Најчешћи облици су индивидуални саветодавни разговори због различитих проблема са којима се ученици суочавају у периоду адолесценције, слаб успех и превазилажење потешкоћа у учењу, појачан васпитни рад, професионална оријентација, подршка раду Ученичког парламента итд.

The first priority of the Office for Educational-Psychological Services is advisory work with students. The most common form represents individual advisory conversation related to various problems that students face in adolescence period, poor grades and overcoming difficulties in learning, enhanced education work, professional orientation, assistance in work of the Student Parliament, etc.
We help teachers by providing feedback information on their lessons that we visit, as well as by issuing advisory instructions and conducting individual work with certain students. Moreover, we encourage teachers to use various didactic and methodical approaches in realization of coursework and provide support with student work related to extracurricular activities. Finally, we issue instructions on keeping educational records and provide an insight into possibility of professional development and growth, etc.

We cooperate with parents by providing additional support to their educational methods, and by informing them on relevant matters about their child. We present them with all the characteristics of the adolescence and make suggestions for overcoming difficulties by providing expert opinion and suggesting expert reading materials.

Besides the above mentioned priority areas of work, the office for educational-pedagogical services performs a line of other tasks related to regular keeping and updating of various school-educational documentation, professional development, managing various school teams, supporting Parent Council, participation in expert bodies of the school, support of mentorship and trainee work, school promotion, various forms of cooperation with civil and military organizations, cooperation with Training Centre, organization and evaluation of various polls and statistical data…

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