Director’s Welcome

The Aviation Academy mission is education of new generations of young people who share love for aviation.

In the course of four years, they are acquiring professional competences- combination of knowledge, capabilities and skills for performing tasks in the aviation industry.

We develop capacity for efficient time and information management. Our goal is to enable our students to implement the acquired knowledge and skills on various occasions, in further education, at work, and in everyday life.

We prepare them for responsible and constructive engagement in social life by following norms, and make them ready to take the key role in improvement of quality of life in our country for decades to come.

The Aviation Academy endeavours to comply teaching and educational practice with the leading European aviation schools.

We strive to include as many practical lessons and practical work as possible by implementing modular curriculum, and we also enhance students to make an initiative in shaping their own educational profile, whenever it is possible.

Therefore, subjects vary in form, they are dynamic and their content is modernized periodically in order to comprise new findings in the fast growing fields.

Our teachers modernize the content of their subjects each school year. Cutting-edge technology is used to great extent in lessons for the purpose of efficiency in goal achieving, as well as for the purpose of enabling students to discover their own capacities and develop them into skills necessary for economics and social community.

Enrolment in the Aviation Academy represents a chance to obtain diploma, and this can be achieved by following the rules of the School and fulfilling your obligations. .

Our individual interest in each and every student mustn’t be perceived as a weakness, but as a wish to enable each of them to develop through a four-year education process and acquire high-quality education.

Our job is to offer our students more than other schools, and then we can seek and expect more from them

We educate our students in a manner of tolerance and mutual respect. We believe that personal, political, religious, or gender beliefs that everyone is entitled to, mustn’t play any role in the work of the School.

We are open for various kinds of culture and sports activities, as well as for special manners of students’ organization and work, since we believe that it is of great importance that young people, besides developing professionally, find themselves in other spheres of life, as well.

PhD Goran Cvijovic
PhD Goran CvijovicДиректор школе