College of Applied Studies Aviation Academy recognizes internationalization as a strategic objective for establishing a leading position in the international environment for the aviation personnel training and networking among European aviation schools and companies.

Team for international collaboration has been directed towards enhancing international position of the College while achieving recognizable educational, vocational, innovative, and socially sustainable achievements that enable participation of the College in various segments of international cooperation in the field of vocational education, international exchange and mobility of students, faculty and staff.

International collaboration team monitors the success of the international cooperation of the College with other higher-educational institutions from abroad, as well as with other international organizations, networks and associations. Team for international collaboration fosters development of international activities of the College in the field of education, scientific research, professional work, and work on projects with special focus on the projects for improvement of the educational processes and mobility programs.

Main activities of the team for international cooperation focus on enabling our students to acquire competences in compliance with the international standards (EASA), achieving standards of quality in teaching, sustaining competitiveness, developing references of our teachers through collaboration, and exchanging information with colleagues from abroad. Moreover, enhancing professional services involved in the international cooperation, especially faculty and student mobility, represents an important aspect of the work in this field. By educating faculty, staff, and students in the international cooperation programs, we are creating various mechanisms for exchanging information that is related to the international collaboration.

Internationalization Strategy