A legal counsel is responsible for managerial, normative and legal affairs and other pertinent tasks in compliance with Article 68 paragraph 1 of the Law on Fundamentals of Education System (Official Gazette RS no. 72/09, 52/11, 55/13, 35/15- authentic interpretation and 68/15) and tasks stipulated by the Rulebook on Organisation and Systematization of Work Positions at the Aviation Academy:

  • cooperation with inspection bodies;
  • cooperation with students and parents/ caregivers/ educators related to realization of their rights, liabilities, and duties;
  • cooperation with the Parent Council, extending professional assistance in fulfilling tasks, issuing decisions and conclusions;
  • certifying diplomas and academic records upon the request of state bodies and legal entities;
  • cooperation with natural persons and legal entities in everyday business;
  • legal affairs related to enrolment of students in regular and part-time education (additional education, vocational retraining, specialization), transfer from regular to part-time education and from part-time to regular education, change in educational profile, two-profiles education, withdrawal of documents;
  • legal affairs related to student accident insurance;
  • legal affairs related to student accident insurance;
  • conducting a legal procedure in education-disciplinary processes against students and employees;
  • participation within the Board in realization of public procurement processes.
Mirjana Lazarević
Mirjana Lazarević Legal counsel
Work hour: 09h – 17h
Phone: 011 / 2182 – 956
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