PART 1 – INTERVIEW (up to 4 minutes)

Good afternoon. Before we start the examination, please turn off your mobile phone…this interview is designed to test your ability to speak in plain everyday English…we would be talking about aviation but we are not testing your knowledge or understanding of standard operating procedures. We are recording test for marking and for security. The only people who would hear this recording are examiners and trainers. In this test you should try to give full and complete answers. You can ask me to repeat any instructions or questions at any time. Do you understand?

Date is 10th of April,2012, the time is 3.06 and the test will now start. Could you tell me your name, please.

Could you spell your surname, please?

So, what exactly is your job?

When did you start doing that?

What do you like about your job?

How did you become interested in aviation?

Tell me about your training.

Could you tell me anything about the airports/aerodromes you have experienced so far?

What aircraft would you most like to fly?

PART 2 – DESCRIBE THE PICTURE (up to 3 minutes)

In this part, you will be given two pictures showing emergency/safety situation and standard situation. You will be asked to answer some questions. You are required to give a short oral report. Then you will be asked to talk about these type of incident in general terms.

 Describe the pictures below


In this part of interview you are going to hear some short recordings of non-standard situations. Before each recording I’ll ask you two questions about the incident and when the recording is finished you’ll tell me your answer. Do you understand the instructions?

(track 1.13 CYAE) For recording 1 listen to an ATC record….question 1: what is the callsign of aircraft… and question 2: what is a reason for delay?

(track 2.09 CYAE) For recording 2 listen to an ATC record….question 1: what problem did the A/C CD 413 encounter… and question 2: what is a pilot remark?

(track 1.24 CYAE) For recording 3 listen to a conversation between an interviewer and Mr. David about new aviation-related technology….question 1: where does the conversation take place…..question 2: what technology are they talking about?

In the first recording we heard the pilot talking about delays. Do most delays occur on the ground or in the air?……What actions can ATC take to manage congestion and delay?

PART 4 – LONG REPORT AND EXTENSION (up to 7 minutes)

Now you are going to hear someone talking about an incident in aviation. You will hear the recording once and you can take notes. After you have listened I want you to tell me what you understood about the incident giving as much information as you can. You should speak for about one minute. We will then discuss this type of situation together. Do you understand the instruction?

Track 1.02 CYAE

What do you think are the major causes of mid-air collisions?

What can be done to reduce mid-air collisions?

What technology exists to help reduce the threat of mid-air collisions?

Do you think the incidence of mid-air collisions will increase or decrease in the future?