Preparatory lessons

Preparatory lessons in Mathematics, Physics and English for admission to College of Applied Studies Aviation Academy

Preparatory lessons will be held in the time frame from January 29, 2022 to June 11, 2022, and groups will be formed from 10 to 15 students. The lessons will take place on Saturdays at the premises of the College of Applied Studies (2 Vojvoda Bojović Blvd, Belgrade), if possible due to the epidemiology situation, and in other case the lessons will be held online.

Total number of classes per subjects:

  • Mathematics 54 lessons (18 х 3)
  • English 36 lessons (18 х 2)
  • Physics 36 lessons (18 х 2)

Groups for preparatory lessons will be also formed after the official start of preparatory lessons as long as there is the appropriate number of interested students to form the groups.

Preparatory lessons are held by teachers of College of Applied Studies Aviation Academy from departments of Mathematics, Physics and English.

There will be a final test at the end of each course for each group, and candidates will check the acquired knowledge. During the courses, students will be assigned homework and tasks for individual revision of subject matter. The lessons will be realized based on materials provided by course teachers.

Candidates can apply for all three courses (Mathematics, Physics, English), or just one of them.


  • Mathematics RSD 27,000.00 (payment in three instalments RSD 9,000.00 successively).
  • Physics RSD 18,000.00 (payment in three instalments RSD 6,000.00 successively).
  • English RSD 18,000.00 (payment in three instalments RSD 6,000.00 successively).
  • Should the candidate choose all three subjects a discount of 10% for the total sum is granted. Price for all three subjects is RSD 56,700.00 (payment in five instalments RSD 11,340.00 successively)

Enrolment and payment

  • For the purpose of easier and faster enrolment it is necessary to fill in the online application for preparatory lessons.
  • The course will be held if there is a sufficient number of candidates per group (10 candidates at least).
  • Upon forming a group, enrolment and signing of agreement will be conducted.
  • The agreement is signed by candidate’s parent or caregiver. The agreement can be signed in College Legal Department. When signing the agreement, it is necessary to have the identification card.
  • Upon enrolment, students will get the schedule for their group.

For additional information please check our website:, dial +381 11 21 82 944 or е-mail

Information for preparatory lessons can be requested from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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