6 reasons to enrol the Aviation Academy:

  • we offer you contemporary work-based education;
  • education is conducted in compliance with the European and national regulations;
  • here you will obtain a diploma that has been recognized in aviation industry;
  • besides your diploma, you may obtain a license for work;
  • you will be trained for well-paid jobs in aviation;
  • this school is a place where you will make lifelong friendships, moreover you can always proudly say that this has been YOUR school.

Let’s introduce ourselves…

The Aviation Academy is the aviation high school within the system of the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development of the Republic of Serbia. It is a unique school in the country, as well as in the whole region.

We have been educating generations of aviation personnel for almost one century.

The lessons are based on curriculum and programmes in accordance with the international and national education standards for aviation personnel and these have been prescribed by EASA (European Union Aviation Safety Agency) and the Civil Aviation Directorate of the Republic of Serbia. This means that our diplomas are recognised not only in Serbia, but also across Europe and worldwide.

The facilities and equipment that are used in lessons match high aviation standards.

Who are we educating?

Air transport is a growth industry all over the world. Despite the current crisis due to pandemic, it is expected that the global air transport will make a long-term growth of 5% till 2030. That implies a growing demand for the aviation personnel of the following decade whose task will be to respond to requirements of greater efficiency and economy, constant monitoring and fulfilment of passengers’ requests, with the improvement of high-level security of air transport.

Labour market analysis and envisaged demand for the aviation profiles according to the global market trends show that for flying and maintenance of global fleet in the next 20 years, there will be demand for 763,000 new civil aviation pilots, 739,000 maintenance technicians and 903,000 new cabin flight crew members. This prediction includes commercial aviation industry, business aviation and helicopters in civil aviation.

We conduct dual education programmes based on standards prescribed by EASA (European Union Aviation Safety Agency), according to requirements of employers MTU Aero Engines, Air Serbia, Nikola Tesla Airport, Avia Prime Group and the Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Serbia.

The Aviation Academy students may choose between civil or military programme and in accordance with it, besides diploma, they obtain licence that is permit to work. Both programmes guarantee the highest level of education and extremely high competence for the enrolment in all technical faculties, as well as the best preparation for continuation of studies in College of Applied Studies within our system.

Only the chosen few can overcome the duty challenges of professional soldiers and non-commissioned officers. By choosing the military programme in the Aviation Academy you have chosen a path of honour, courage and responsibility, the career of a professional soldier.

Our study programmes have a quality guarantee…

Aviation Academy Training centre encompasses:

  • Центар за обуку ваздухопловно – техничког особља

(ЕАSА PART-147 Maintenance Training Organizations Approvals (MTOA))

  • Центар за обуку пилота авиона и пилота хеликоптера

(ЕАSА – Approved Training Organization (ATO))

  • Центар за обуку особља које пружа услуге земаљског опслуживања

(Training Center for personnel providing ground handling services)

  • Центар за тестирање знања енглеског језика

(Approved English Language Proficieny Test Centers)

  • Одобрена организација за одржавање ваздухоплова

(ЕАSА PART-145 – Maintenance Organisation Approvals)

Aviation Academy Airport…

The Aviation Academy external education basis, for the realization of practical lessons, is situated in Vršac.

Within compound of the Aviation Academy in Vršac, there is an airport with three runways, two grass and one concrete, length size 1000 meters, classrooms for the realization of theoretical and practical lessons and capacities for students accommodation during the realization of practical education part.

For the purpose of students training, there are 18 single-engine and two twin-engine planes at disposal, ЕАSА PART-145 – Maintenance Organisation Approvals, Airport Air Traffic Control, and more than twenty authorized instructors for the realization of practical lessons.  

Lessons that you want…

In the Aviation Academy, children will learn much, have a good time and make lifelong friendships. The students of the Academy spend time during various non-curriculum activities, school trips, sections, sports events, competitions, concerts, shows, field trips and other events.

Lessons in the Aviation Academy are:

  • interactive;
  • creative;
  • interesting;
  • helping students acquire practical and applicable knowledge;
  • enabling students to actively participate;
  • nurturing the goal to understand the subject and apply your knowledge, not solely pass the test or get a good grade;
  • enabling surveillance of success and behaviour of each student.

Signed agreements on cooperation with global and national companies (MTU Aero Engines, Air Serbia, Serbia and Montenegro Air Traffic Services (SMATSA), Nikola Tesla Belgrade Airport, Avia Prime Group), the Ministry of Defence and Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Serbia, enable our students to acquire practical knowledge necessary for obtaining licence and permit to work in real working conditions for the professions that are educated for.

Parents are an important part of our team:

  • as our school partners;
  • as active participants in their child’s education;
  • they are informed on all segments of work and school life of their child;
  • they always keep in touch with the teachers, psychologist, educationalist and school management;
  • they participate in mutual decision-making on child’s education.

The Aviation Academy is a place where dreams of flying come true.