As a part of Safe Drones over Safe Environment project, high school students from the Aviation Academy visited Turkey at the end of November and used this opportunity to exchange the knowledge with the other participants in the project and their host, Aksu Uçak Bakım Teknolojisi Mesleki ve Teknik Anadolu Lisesi.

In accordance with its mission and vision to educate the most qualified aviation staff and become the leader in this field in our country, as well as abroad, the Academy is consistent in fulfilling the highest education standards. Since October 2022, this has been proudly done at College of Applied Studies. Being the main coordinator of this international project of strategic partnership Safe Drones Over Safe Environment within Foundation Tempus and Erasmus + project, the Academy, along with its strategic partners, aviation schools in Italy, Spain and Turkey, has set a goal to examine the safety of drones and anti-collision system as well as use of multispectral camera in

Dr. Danijela Manić, the Aviation Academy leading person within this international cooperation programme and a coordinator of Erasmus + project, informed us that the delegations from Serbia, Spain and Italy were hosted by the Director of the Educational Directorate, Mr Yakup HOPLAR, the President of the City Council for Education, Antaly, Mr Hüseyin ER and the Mayor of Aksu municipality, Ahmet Hikmet ŞAHİN. It was noted to all participants content that there was an interest in further cooperation on an institutional and national level.

During the visit of the Academy representatives to Antalya, from 21 to 27 November, the Turkish teachers had a series of lectures and practical demonstration of multispectral cameras and their use in agriculture. However, the most significant and unique trait of this project was the knowledge implementation in real-life conditions. The students had their first task to observe and record the terrain situation using a drone. A private company drones, not mass-produced, were used for that purpose. The specific thing about the drone was a built-in multispectral camera that recorded the whole range of visible spectrum.
The recording could be used in numerous multispectral analyses and a specially designed software was used for its decoding. In practice, the students were assigned an orchard as a recording terrain and they had to examine those plants general condition and target the ones that needed special treatment. The analysis of colour tracking provided information on plants (if the leaves had become dry, if they have enough water, if they suffer from certain disease). The data were sent to agricultural engineers who gave further instructions such as the kind and quantity of substances, herbicides or pesticides, for necessary treatment of the orchard plants. Upon receiving those instructions, aviators deployed so called agro-drones that can carry up to 25 l of liquid (the substances used for the treatment of orchard plants). The crucial step was to design a map and a drone flight plan based on the multispectral camera data that would result in treatment of targeted parts of the terrain with the use of specific quantity of necessary substances.
Such use of drones represents a novelty in our country, and in most neighbouring countries as well. This simple example shows not only the presence of the military and police use of drones in the near future, but also its use in other spheres of life (aerial photography, surveyor terrain mapping, thermal recordings, etc).

At the moment, the Academy is one of the few institutions providing basic guidelines for education of future drone pilots and for that reason this project is of great importance. It can be called a turning point in our education of this kind of aviation staff. The project Safe Drones Over Safe Environment has been lasting for two years and it has been prolonged for six months due to the COVID-19 pandemic. All the students from the Academy had the right to apply for the project regardless of their grade or profile. They did a series of training courses on drones upon which they participated in construction of basic parts of drones and its safe navigation. The drone that was made up of basic parts (frame, motors, propellers, navigation system, power port module and flight controller) was upgraded with signal lights, anti-collision lights, a spotlight and a speaker. The last one was very important since birds of prey used to attack drones. The drone was supposed to have landing parachutes, but it was decided not to install them since they proved to be successful in 40% of landings.

Results, enthusiasm and engagement of the Aviation Academy high school students involved in this project are truly praiseworthy. Some new projects within Erasmus + programme have been prepared and this should be the opportunity for the students to gain more knowledge, get trained and share experience on an international level.


Еразмус+ је један од највећих пројеката мобилности и сарадње у области обазовања, обука младих и спорта за чије спровођење је предвиђен буџет од 26 милијарди евра. Настао је 2014. године, а нови седмогодишњи период спроводи се од 2021. до 2027. године.

Ваздухопловна академија је дефинисала Европски развојни план школе који представља кључни документ дугорочног развоја школе који одговара на образовне захтеве и потребе ученика кроз активно учешће у животу ван школе, а који се реализује кроз наставу у европском мултикултуралном и мултиконфесионалном систему и тиме повећава квалитет процеса и исхода образовања и јача везу између формалног и неформалног образовања.

Утисци ученика

Добили смо ширу слику како све дронови могу да се користе у будућности и колико су значајни за модернизацију цивилизације. Дружили смо се са много младих људи који имају иста интересовања као и ми, и упознали се са много различитих култура и обичаја. Била нам је част да будемо део тако значајног пројекта и да представљамо нашу школу. (Емили Ташков)

Током боравка у Турској имао сам прилику да упоредим нашу школу са сличном школом у Анталији, као и да упоредим знање, како опште тако и стручно, са знањем осталих ученика који су учествовали у пројекту. Мој закључак је да не заостајемо у знању ни за једном земљом учесницом овог скупа. (Милош Величковић)

Боравак у Турској је учврстио моје уверење да сам на правом путу и да је ваздухопловство моја вокација. Упознати младе попут мене који деле исто интересовање било је непроцењиво. (Јелен Лука)

Склапање дрона и могућност да препознамо његове делове помогло нам је да допунимо своје знање и своје вештине, пошто нам се често не пружа прилика да претходно стечено знање применимо и у пракси. Цео пројекат је представљао велики изазов за све нас, али и једно поучно искуство. (Николина Гавриловић)

Знање које смо стекли је непроцењиво и неупоредиво веће од оног које смо поседовали. Разменили смо вештине, идеје и искуства. У слободно време смо учили језике и културе других народа. Упознавали смо се са њиховим обичајима. Свакако једно прелепо и несвакидашње искуство! (Теодора Живковић)