Aviation Academy continues to achieve its objectives and reinforce its transformation as a pioneer of dual education while striving to become a leader in educating and training the high-quality personnel in the field of aviation.

After the establishment of the College of Applied Studies Aviation Academy, and with the Training Center Vrsac becoming an integral part of the Aviation Academy in the past year, numerous steps have been taken with intention for improving both the theory lessons and the professional flight training.

In accordance with the project worth 65 million euros, the construction of three buildings and the purchase of two simulators are planned. The first building that is planned for the placement of one of the two Full Flight Level D simulators is getting its final shape. This simulator will be for Airbus A318/319/320/321 NEO (New Engine Options). The cockpit of this simulator is movable on all three axes, and it can simulate all emergency situations and phases of the flight. The information about the type of the other simulator remains unknown.

The construction of the first building is in its final stages and it should be completed by July 1st. Previously known red building will be demolished and the other building will be placed on its current location. These two buildings will be identical and connected by the walkway raised above the ground level. Besides these two buildings where the simulators will be placed, the construction of the space for the the College of Applied Studies Aviation Academy is planned, where the classrooms, offices, and training facilities will be located.