College of Applied Studies Aviation Academy proudly announces that we have become the member of ALICANTO (International Association of Aviation and Aerospace Education).
This membership is a significant step that leads Aviation Academy towards its goal to be recognized as a leader in the field of aviation education not only on the national, but also on the regional and global level. ALICANTO and Aviation Academy share mutual objectives, such as representing and establishing cooperation with various stakeholders and increasing collaboration and mutual assistance with higher education institutions. This represents an excellent opportunity for Aviation Academy to develop its strategy while gaining interest among potential candidates and educating the next generation of aviation professionals with ALICANTO’s support.
Considering that the sky is the only limit we know, we would like to encourage our students, future aviation professionals, to understand that the infinity of the sky and proper education can lead them anywhere they want. For that purpose, ALICANTO has created a forum where academics, students, regulators and representatives from the industry worldwide can meet, exchange ideas, and conduct research surrounding issues and advancements in the field of aviation education.

College of Applied Studies Aviation Academy values this membership and looks forward to opening new horizons for aviation professionals and all those who are willing to become one.