On December 28, Director Dr. Goran Cvijović, a leading role of the Aviation Academy, received appreciation letter Cfor successful cooperation with Air Force and Air Defence. Lieutenant General Duško Žarković delivered this letter in person, at Air Defence Headquarters as a part of celebration of Air Force and Air Defence Day.

This cooperation is one of the appreciations of dual education in the Aviation Academy coming from the highest level. The Academy has enabled its students of military profiles to have a practical training in AF and AD units at Kraljevo, Kragujevac and Batajnica airports. It is a unique chance for students to see, hear and perform tasks in practice that they have already been familiar with in theory. Students have been enrolled in Aviation Academy military profiles since 2010 and syllabus has been in alignment with practical training in AF and AD units. This is extremely important for the students who can prepare for non-commissioned officers upon finishing high school unless they decide to attend Military Academy. The Aviation Academy is proud of the fact that its students make 30% of the total number of candidates who want to attend Military Academy and many of them choose to become military pilots. Moreover, all graduates from the Aviation Academy high school, both civil and military profiles, can continue their education at the Aviation Academy College of Applied Studies.

Education and engagement of qualified, skilful and responsible staff represent mutual goals of the Aviation Academy and AF and AD. For that reason, mutual support and good relations continue to be the foundation of this successful cooperation.